Office of Alumni Relations

The Office of Alumni Relations, in collaboration with the National Alumni Association, works hard to deliver programs, events, benefits, services, and volunteer opportunities to our ever growing constituency of Central State University, now more than 16,000 strong.

Our staff works hard at planning Homecoming and many other special events throughout the year to keep CSU alumni connected with the CSU campus. We serve as liaisons to assist the leaders of our Regional Chapters and Shared Interest Groups and provide linkages to key university departments to engage alumni in active citizenship efforts, student recruitment programs, and continuing education opportunities. We offer a number of volunteer activities for alumni as well.

The Office of Alumni Relations wants all alumni to forge strong lifelong connections to CSU, beyond their student years. All of our programs, events, services, and benefits, help you:

  • extend your CSU education throughout your life
  • shape and sustain an institution that shaped you—and that shapes the world
  • mentor and strengthen future generations of students and alumni
  • connect with dynamic, fascinating, and accomplished peer alumni
  • cultivate your career and personal interests
  • lead groups and communities to make a difference


The staff at the Office of Alumni Relations is here to help you connect with CSU in the most helpful and enjoyable way. Please don’t hesitate to let us know whenever we can be of assistance to you!


Current Initiatives

Give Your Year Campaign


To date, the Give Your Year initiative has raised $278,467.71. To make your contribution to the Give Your Year campaign, simply join the Alumni Relations Team by clicking "Join this Team" at the top of the page.

How Can I Make Payments?

  • Monthly: Pay an amount equal to the year you graduated in 12 monthly installments
  • Annual: Pay an annual amount equivalent to one year's amount for the duration of the campaign
  • One-Time: Make a one-time payment equivalent to the total five-year amount

    Payment Example:

If you graduated in 2000, you could give:

  • $20 each month for a total of 12 months a year
  • A annual payment installment of $240 through the duration of the campaign
  • A total one-time payment equivalent to a five-year total of $1200

How Do I Give My Gift Online?

To become a contributor to the Give Your Year Campaign, simply click here and join the Give Your Year team online.


Give on Behalf of a Class Year or Affinity Group
Each year, we encourage all classmates to celebrate their anniversaries by helping give back to Central State University. As part of the celebration, each class will be presenting a donation to the University during our Homecoming celebration.

Contact class members with whom you have contact and encourage them to participate in this giving campaign. Each class in reunion will have a designated online portal for easier payment processing and prominent display of significant gifts.

Some of our upcoming Classes in Reunion have set up online fundraising pages. The give to these online fundraising initiatives, please choose from the following options below:

Class of 1969

Class of 1971

Class of 1978

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity



Team Members