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Become a Believer in Central State University by donating online. Please review each listed team to help make the decision of what program(s) you would like to support. By joining a team, each donor will also be equipped with tools to share the team initiative with others through social media, e-mail and text. For additional information on each team's current initiatives, please click on the team you are interested in supporting.

Current Teams & Initiatives

CSU GivingTuesday 2022 - Campaign through November 30th

Central State University joins the Giving Tuesday movement, an international day of generosity. By making a gift to Central State, you are establishing your legacy and supporting the next generation of leaders.


President Jack Thomas Scholarship Fund Contribute
Central State University's online fundraising platform supports philanthropic gifts from CSU “Believers” across the globe. The theme, “Be A Believer” are words of encouragement to urge you to believe in the past, present and future endeavors of Central State University.  The University’s focus on academics, leadership and service continues.  We will ensure the uplift of this historical 1890 Land Grant institution by sustaining our historic reputation as an institution that promotes excellence and provides quality academic experiences for all students. With your contributions to Central State University, we will build new opportunities for those we serve! Become a Believer.


Finit's Different Together Scholarship | Contribute 
When Rob Cybulski and Angie Apple founded Finit, every decision stemmed from the principles of putting people before profit and being in service to others. They established a culture that partners and employees naturally embrace and embody. 

The motivation to establish a scholarship foundation with Central State University stems directly from our values, our founding principles, and the passion we have – to put people first. This foundation directly aligns to the success and well-being of the members of our Finit family, our clients, and our communities. 



Agricultural Education & Food Science |  Contribute
The primary role of this program is to prepare diverse agricultural educators, address the need for a global agriculture perspective and meet the demand for qualified and credentialed agricultural educators for expanding high school agriscience programs in existing and underserved areas. Students who complete the requirements of the degree pathway will obtain a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education with a Minor in Sustainable Agriculture, and earn a Secondary Ohio Teaching License in Agriscience for grades 7-12.


Alumni Relations - Give Your Year | Contribute
The Office of Alumni Relations oversees the Give Your Year campaign. To become a contributor, be sure to view the Alumni Relations team page.

Athletics |  Contribute
We expect to excel in the classroom, community, and competition while simultaneously representing Central State University in the Southern Intercollegiate Athletics Conference and on a national stage. With your assistance, our department can continue to facilitate the efforts of our student-athletes, coaches and support staff to ensure they have the necessary resources to achieve success in competition and the classroom. Our current initiatives are to continue to increase scholarships, improve athletic facilities and provide improved academic resources for our student-athletes.

Auxiliary Corps |  Contribute
The Central State University Auxiliary Corps consists of the cheerleaders/stuntmen, dancers, color guard/flags, banner girls, and mascot. Throughout the years, the program has claimed numerous competitions which include the 2003 HBCU National Cheerleading & Dance Championship Titles. In 2017, the CSU cheerleaders took home the SIAC Cheer Competition title in Birmingham, Alabama. The CSU auxiliary corps places emphasis on stimulating school spirit while representing the entire student body with cheers and choreographed performances throughout the season. Each squad focuses on setting high standards of character and behavior for the student body in competition and in the classroom. The CSU Auxiliary Corps are currently placing emphasis on generating funds for new uniforms and resources necessary to appear in additional competitions throughout the country. With your help, the CSU Auxiliary Corps can continue to reach new heights. 


Board of Trustees |  Contribute
Central State University is governed by Board of Trustees. Each trustee donates considerable time and resources to help the university grow and prosper.

The Board of Trustees is comprised of extraordinary philanthropic leaders sharing a commitment to advance the university's mission and sustain its reputation for excellence. Consistent with the philanthropic mission of Central State University, all directors support the greatest needs of the university.

As the university’s fiduciary, the board is responsible for CSU’s long term health, overseeing and aligning its strategic direction, educational policy, finances and operations with the mission of the university.


Counseling Services |  Contribute
Support the initiatives of Central State University's Counseling Services Office. For additional information, visit -


CSU-Dayton |  Contribute
We are the “The Gem of the West”.  Since 1887, Central State has been committed to providing education that changes lives.  As an 1890 Land-Grant Institution, Central is continuing this legacy of changing lives. Formerly known as CSU West, we are carrying on the legacy of excellence, convenience and care established in the early 1970s.


Chorus |  Contribute
The highly acclaimed Central State University Chorus has a repertoire encompassing all periods and styles, including spirituals of African Americans, gospel, and jazz. With additional support, the CSU Chorus will be able to maintain their level of excellence while being able to provide necessary resources to its members.

College of Business | Contribute
The College of Business offers 19 degree concentration in the disciplines of Accounting, Economics, and Business Administration. The College of Business prepares students for careers in business, government, private nonprofit organizations, and for graduate school. It takes great care to ensure that graduates are well-rounded individuals through its “Triad for Success” which emphasizes academics, experiential learning, and professional development. The College of Business has a very dedicated and active Business Advisory Council whose members represent major businesses and industries. The Business Advisory Council is committed to the success of the College and provides support through financial donations, seasoned business advice, and challenging internship opportunities.

College of Education | Contribute
The mission of the College of Education is to prepare educators who are effective in serving as active facilitators of learning for the diverse student population.  The College is actively committed to the preparation of educators who vicariously experience students in various learning situations and, as a result, are prepared to take appropriate action to enhance the teaching-learning environment. The preparation of educators has a distinguished history at Central State University.  Thus, over the years, graduates of the College of Education have made significant contributions to the profession as teachers and administrators.  The College remains committed to maintaining that rich history of service by preparing educators who understand the dynamics of educating students in a complex and diverse society.


College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences Contribute
The College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences (CHAS) provides students with a strong liberal arts foundation for citizenship in a globalized community. CHAS is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, recognizing that humanities and humanities education enhance the cultural, economic and social aspects of the community.

College of Science & Engineering | Contribute
The College of Science & Engineering (CSE) at Central State University (CSU) offers degree programs in 10 critical areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). CSE offers minors in many of these same programs as well as in interdisciplinary fields such as Environmental Science, Forensic Science, Computational Science and Nuclear Engineering. CSE is the critical hub for computer literacy, mathematics, and science requirements in the General Education component of all CSU programs.  Unique to Ohio, and the Nation, CSE offers an interdisciplinary degree programs in Water Resources Management.


Invincible Marching Marauders  | Contribute
The world renown Invincible Marching Marauders of Central State University are an integral part of the athletic game day experience and a trademark of the University. IMM is regularly comprised of 150 students, which includes 100 win players, 18 percussionists, 2 drum majors and 52 auxiliary personnel. All who hear and see the excitement and pageantry reveres the professionalism exhibited by IMM. With your generosity, members of the Invincible Marching Marauders will be provided with new instrumentation and uniforms. 


Office of the President  | Contribute
Central State University's online fundraising platform supports philanthropic gifts from CSU “Believers” across the globe! The theme, “Be A Believer” are words of encouragement to urge you to believe in the past, present and future endeavors of Central State University.  The University’s focus on academics, leadership and service continues.  We will ensure the uplift of this historical 1890 Land Grant institution by sustaining our historic reputation as an institution that promotes excellence and provides quality academic experiences for all students.


Student Affairs & Enrollment Management | Join Our Team | Contribute
The well-being of our students continue to be our highest priority at Central State. It is our mission to help our students realize their goals and aspirations. Student Affairs and Enrollment Management seeks your help to assist us as we continue to improve our resources. With your help, Student Affairs & Enrollment Management plans to offer more student programming, additional staff development and increase scholarship opportunities.


Undergraduate Student Success Center | Contribute
The Undergraduate Student Success Center (USSC) services students with emphasis on the University’s Compelling Priorities related to course completion, student retention, and graduation rates through its operational units: Office of Academic Coaching and Advising, Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services, and Office of Retention & First Year Experience. USSC facilitates freshman academic advisement, robust educational services, and customized persistence and retention programming to assist students in identifying theirs goals and achieving academic success.

Your support will help us to continue nurturing positive relationships with our students through academic and social enhancements, creative incentives, and celebrations of achievement.



WCSU 88.9 FM | Contribute
Since 1962 supporting the education of Communications students has always been at the core of WCSU FM. Now, you have the opportunity to pioneer a new era of need for communications students, and that is the need for new and updated technology. If we want to fulfill our comprehensive vision of being a broadcast multimedia organization that bridges the digital divide in our communities, and extend the Central State University brand beyond the confines of the University we must solidify, strengthen and enhance the current infrastructure. Funding will allow WCSU to upgrade radio and TV equipment, and increase the capacity to produce and distribute original broadcast content. With your financial support students will have access to state of the art equipment they will likely see only in larger markets. Thus, CSU can prepare graduates for professional success in prime media markets.


Class of 1969  Contribute
The Class of 1969 will be presenting a donation to the University during our 2019 Homecoming celebration. The goal established by your class officers and the reunion committee for the 1969 class is to raise a MINIMUM of $69,000.00 for our alma mater. Please consider, as many have done, budgeting a monthly payment.Any amount you are able to donate will be appreciated but please make it a stretch commitment as CSU needs our maximum support.


Class of 1971  | Contribute
As we continue to raise funds for Central State University, all 1971 class members are being called upon to Become A Believer in CSU and contribute online on the University's new fundraising website Just as we needed Central State University in order to be successful, it needs us now. Any amount you are able to donate is appreciated. To give your gift online, simply click "Contribute" on this page.


Class of 1974  | Contribute
As alumni of Central State University Class of 1974, let us continue to give back to this great institution who has truly played a significant role in who we are today.  In this our 45th reunion year, we are asking each class member to contribute $112 per month (a total of $l,000 per class member) over the course of nine months, as our class gift to donation CSU.  Please note, although we are encouraging each class member to contribute $1,000, we will except any amount you are willing to donate whether it’s below or over our anticipated goal, it will be appreciated.  To give your gift online, simply click “Contribute” on this page.


Class of 1978  | Contribute
As we look back from this 40th year perch, we have the opportunity to assist in securing the legacy of Central State University for future generations. Many of us are in a position to return our forebears a tangible response to their inspiration. In this our 40th year, let’s make the vision of giving $40,000 to the university a reality during our 40th reunion at Homecoming 2018. That’s just a $1,000 per year for our 40 years of success. It’s not a lot of money in the real scheme of things, but it is enough to help the university in its quest to make a difference.


"Ebony" Class of 1990 | Contribute
We are requesting that every member of the Class of 1990 please contribute at least $300.00 to CSU via the attached link ( The suggested payment options are: 1x - $300, 2 months - $150, 3 months - $100, or 6 months - $50. Our goal is to virtually present our gift during homecoming, so we are asking that all contributions (other than the 6 months pledge) be received by October 1st. Thank you for your continued, and generous, support to keep our university going strong. Please spread the word, especially to our fellow alumni classmates who are not on social media. For God. For Central. For State. #ForLife #TheBlackerTheCollegeTheSweeterTheKnowledge