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Dr. Cynthia Jackson-Hammond - President Emeritus

Dr. Cynthia Jackson-Hammond Fund Be a Believer Campaign

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Welcome to Central State's fundraising website www.CSUBelievers.com!

This is an exciting time for Central State University (CSU) as we provide an online platform that supports philanthropic gifts from CSU “Believers” across the globe! There is such synergy in this initiative, because CSU is fast approaching a future full of dynamic optimism! 

Many of you have heard me praise our deserving students, academic programs, global initiatives, Land Grant research and extension activities, the athletic program, our renowned Invincible Marching Marauders and Grammy nominated CSU Chorus. These students are simply the BEST!  They attend Central State University as flowering “buds” and year by year, they blossom into a mixed bouquet of scholars, leaders, social activists and professionals in their chosen field. 

The theme, “Be A Believer” are words of encouragement to urge you to believe in the past, present and future endeavors of Central State University.  The University’s focus on academics, leadership and service continues.  We will ensure the uplift of this historical 1890 Land Grant institution by sustaining our historic reputation as an institution that promotes excellence and provides quality academic experiences for all students.

With your contributions to Central State University, we will build new opportunities for those we serve! Become a “Believer”! Join my team or choose to give to other areas by visiting www.CSUBelievers.com.  Follow the site prompts for donation options or call 937. 376.6347 for more information.


Thank you for your gift.


I BELIEVE in you as you BELIEVE in Central State University!