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This year, the Class of 1978 will observe its 40th Reunion and mark it with a generous donation to our Alma Mater. Please join us in marking this milestone with your gift!

In 1974, most of us arrived on the campus of Central State University in wonder. Areas of the campus had been cleared by a tornado that had hit in the spring of that year. The tower of the esteemed Galloway Hall, built in 1906, rose above the rubble of what had been the main auditorium of the campus to welcome the handful of freshmen men and women taking residence on the campus or choosing to commute from nearby areas—Wilberforce, Xenia, Dayton. Yet we came with determination and excitement about the beginning of a journey that forecasted many surprises in a successful excursion to the future. Four years later, the Class of 1978 emerged with diplomas in hand to make their mark on the world.

The class has produced lawyers, doctors, senior-level business managers, artists, and entrepreneurs. As we have progressed, we have been able to look back to our foundation and the men and women who deposited their wisdom, compassion, and inspiration into our bosom. People like CSU Presidents Dr. Lionel Newsom and Dr. Arthur Thomas; Professors Joe Lewis, Barbara H. Symonds, Urcelle C. Willis, Rodney Wise, and so many others demanded the best from us. And we responded as much as possible by moving forward in achieving our dreams.

As we look back from this 40th year perch, we have the opportunity to assist in securing the legacy of Central State University for future generations. Many of us are in a position to return our forebears a tangible response to their inspiration. In this our 40th year, let’s make the vision of giving $40,000 to the university a reality during our 40th reunion at Homecoming 2018. That’s just a $1,000 per year for our 40 years of success. It’s not a lot of money in the real scheme of things, but it is enough to help the university in its quest to make a difference.



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