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Agricultural Education & Food Science

Be a Believer Campaign


Our Mission

Prepare diverse Agricultural Educators by providing diverse experiences to students with diverse backgrounds.

Our Objectives

  1. Address the immediate shortage of qualified/ credentialed agricultural educators in existing agricultural programs
  2. Provide qualified/credentialed agricultural educators to address the demand for future programs in urban areas
  3. Address the need for a global agricultural perspective
  4. Providing students with skills to be successful in the Agricultural Industry.

Our Fundraising Goal

Our goal for 2018 is to raise $100,000.00.

75% of all dollars raised will be set aside for the development of a University Endowment to the School of Agricultural Education and Food Science.

25% of all dollars raised will be used to support student activity and professional involvement of students studying Agricultural Education and Food Science at Central State University.

Fundraising Initiatives

Paid Student Experiences -Students involved in the school will volunteer hours to generate dollars for the foundation from paid partnership through a student organization.

Sponsorships & Donations from Agricultural and Alumni Partners.

Sales - Student may engage in fundraising opportunities as they are developed through an agricultural student organization.These activities will be developed by students as part of the training program.



Team Members