"Ebony" Class of 1990

Be a Believer Campaign



We plants trees (donate) now, so that future generations of CSU students may reap the rewards of those trees later.  In looking ahead to the year 2025, when we will celebrate our 35th graduation anniversary, we are launching the 35-For-35 CAMPAIGN. We are requesting that every member of Ebony Class of 1990 donate $35 each month, from now until our 35th class reunion celebration at Homecoming 2025. Our goal is to raise an additional $35,000 for our class fund.

On the CSU Believers  donation page, just select "Monthly" instead of "One Time", and each month your $35 donation will post.

FUN FACT: Donating just $35 monthly for the next years = approximately $1990!! This is an easy way for you to commit to donating $1990 to CSU by our next reunion!

Start your recurring donations today!

 You may also choose to contribute $350 to CSU. Please make all donations via this link to ensure that it is counted toward our class goal: ( https://csubelievers.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donate.team&TeamID=5063).

Support from our Honorary Classmates, family, and friends was vital to the success achieved in 2020.  You can help us reach our goal by contacting and encouraging our classmates to contribute to the campaign. You might also request that your family and friends make donations (in your name) to help us reach our goal.  

Our goal is to present this gift during Homecoming, so we are asking that all contributions be received by October 1, 2025. Thank you for your continued and generous support to keep our beloved alma mater, Central State University, thriving. 

Please spread the word, especially to our fellow classmates who are not on social media. And for additional information, to join our efforts, or to register for events, please contact our Committee via email at EbonyClassOf1990@yahoo.com. For God. For Central. For State! #ForLife  



Team Members