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Undergraduate Student Success Center

The Undergraduate Student Success Center (USSC) has the responsibility of providing academic and social support services to aid the university in increasing its student success rates. It is designed to assist students in developing positive relationships with faculty, staff, and other students, which will foster a strong academic and co-curricular foundation at CSU and provide programs for students to learn the skills, habits, and dispositions they need to achieve academic success.

The Undergraduate Student Success Center seeks your help to assist us as we continue to improve our services. Our units:

The Office of Academic Coaching and Advising has knowledgeable and caring advisors who guide and assist all freshmen, (students with less than 30 credit hours) to navigate degree requirements, focus on academic achievement, develop transferable skills, and create a strong foundation to successfully transition to sophomore status.

Academic advising is a collaborative educational process whereby students and their advisors are partners in meeting the essential learning outcomes, ensuring student academic success, and outlining the steps for achievement of the students’ personal, academic, and professional goals. This advisor/student partnership requires participation and involvement of both the advisor and the student as it is built over the student’s first year of educational experience at the university. Both the student and the advisor have clear responsibilities for ensuring the advising partnership is successful.

The Office of Retention & First-Year Experience provides transition support, success coaching and initiative-based programming for first-year and transfer students.

The Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS) provides a variety of programs and services for all students but has major responsibility for supporting the academic success of new incoming freshmen. These programs and services include learning skill development and tutorial programs to help students successfully complete their current courses.



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