Fifty years ago WCSU-FM was licensed to Central State University as a non-commercial public radio station to support the learning experience of university students seeking careers in mass communication and broadcast journalism.  Since that time WCSU has evolved to be both a training center for university students as well as a full-fledged public broadcasting radio station serving the interests of the Miami Valley region. WCSU is dedicated to providing high quality cultural and news programming and services that educate, inspire, and enlighten. Through our high quality public information programs, we seek to engage our communities in discussions that affect our lives and to “operate in the public, interest, convenience, and/or necessity.”

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Fundraising Initiative:

Since 1962 supporting the education of Communications students has always been at the core of WCSU FM. Now, you have the opportunity to pioneer a new era of need for communications students, and that is the need for new and updated technology. If we want to fulfill our comprehensive vision of being a broadcast multimedia organization that bridges the digital divide in our communities, and extend the Central State University brand beyond the confines of the University we must solidify, strengthen and enhance the current infrastructure. Funding will allow WCSU to upgrade radio and TV equipment, and increase the capacity to produce and distribute original broadcast content. With your financial support students will have access to state of the art equipment they will likely see only in larger markets. Thus, CSU can prepare graduates for professional success in prime media markets.



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