Central State University Auxiliary Corps

Under the direction of Sylvia G. Kelley, the Central State University Auxiliary Corps consists of the cheerleaders/stuntmen, dancers, color guard/flags, banner girls, and mascot. The CSU Auxiliary Corps brings unmatched energy and enthusiasm to CSU athletic events. Throughout the years, the program has claimed numerous competitions which include the 2003 HBCU National Cheerleading & Dance Championship Titles. In 2017, the CSU cheerleaders took home the SIAC Cheer Competition title in Birmingham, Alabama.

The CSU auxiliary corps places emphasis on stimulating school spirit while representing the entire student body with cheers and choreographed performances throughout the season. Each squad focuses on setting high standards of character and behavior for the student body in competition and in the classroom.

Current Initiatives

The CSU Auxiliary Corps are currently placing emphasis on generating funds for new uniforms and resources necessary to appear in additional competitions throughout the country. With your help, the CSU Auxiliary Corps can continue to reach new heights. Be A Believer - Join Our Team Today!




Team Members