College of Business

The College of Business helps students develop an excellent knowledge of business in general and in their specialized concentration.

The Agribusiness concentration focuses on the business and economics of production, operations, management, marketing, and finance in organizations engaged in agriculture. The field of Agribusiness also encompasses the production and sales of equipment, farm-related commodities trading, and manufacturing. The Agribusiness Concentration also focuses on the managerial functions performed by individuals working in agriculture as well as the teams that do much of the work. Students majoring in agribusiness will be able to successfully pursue careers in one of the most lucrative, rewarding, and sustainable industries in the world.

The Entrepreneurship concentration prepares students to bring their ideas to life by combining a rigorous academic curriculum, leadership development, experiential learning, and relationships with business leaders. Whether starting a small business or running a non-profit organization, managing a family-owned business or leading innovation as a corporate entrepreneur, students will learn entrepreneurial market entry strategies, family business management, social and economic entrepreneurial policy development, and successful entrepreneurship practices and attributes.

The Finance curriculum is designed to prepare students for a career in areas such as commercial banking, financial planning, investment banking, money management, insurance and real estate. With the state-of-the-art finance lab and stock trading room, students learn how to analyze economic and financial data, while managing personal, corporate and non-profit organizational finances using the fundamentals of finance. Students will also deepen their knowledge in such areas as international finance, risk management, entrepreneurial finance, and real estate. A field where employment is expected to grow steadily for many years, finance is one of the most dynamic and expansive areas in the business world.

The Hospitality Management program provides students the opportunity to master the skills and discipline to be successful in one of the fastest growing fields in the world. The curriculum is designed to offer a solid foundation to move into the hospitality industry. A Hospitality Management graduate has the opportunity to become a manager or an entrepreneur.

The International Business concentration focuses on applications and problem-solving solutions while preparing students for lucrative careers with worldwide networks. An International Business concentration will prepare students to work with business relationships across borders in a variety of genres. It will also cultivate an understanding of worldwide business practices and perspectives that not only influence global business environments but also domestic markets as well.

The Management concentration offers a solid foundation in core business principles and fundamentals. Management majors also have the opportunity to participate in the Leaders Executive Entrepreneurs and Directors (LEED) program, which closes the gap between classroom experiences and the real world of work. It prepares students to develop career strategies to navigate the employment network.

The Management Information Systems (MIS) concentration prepares students for employment opportunities that require expertise in information systems technologies and business computer applications. CSU has earned a reputation for devel- oping educated business professionals who are well trained and eager to succeed in today’s marketplace.

The Marketing concentration prepares students to meet the needs of an increasingly competitive marketplace. Marketing connects business to its customers through the “4Ps” (product, price, promotion, and place). Solid marketing plans and marketing analysis and research are incorporated into the curriculum.

The Economics curriculum equips students to better understand major forces in business. Students also understand how human behavior, market conditions and global influences affect the ability to make decisions regarding resource allocation, operations, and solving complex issues. The Economics program is designed to provide students with marketable skills in the areas of forecasting, economic development, as well as analyzing and reporting global conditions.

The Accounting curriculum is designed to provide students with state-of-the-art accounting skills in the areas of management accounting, auditing, taxation and reporting while helping build the competencies necessary to attain Certified Public Accountant or Certified Management Accountant certifications. Through our program, students become familiar with accounting disciplines while learning core competencies of critical thinking, technology and communication, as well as complementary business theories in management, organizational behavior, economics, statistics and finance.

Understanding accounting fundamentals can help prepare you for a wide range of career possibilities from running your own accounting practice to working at an accounting firm. A career in accounting can also be financially rewarding with the top 10 percent earning over $100,000 per year. There are a growing number of jobs for accounting grads with employment estimated to grow at a rate of 16% and reach 1.4 million jobs by 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.



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