College of Education


The preparation of educators has a distinguished history at Central State University.  Thus, over the years, graduates of the College of Education have made significant contributions to the profession as teachers and administrators.  The College remains committed to maintaining that rich history of service by preparing educators who understand the dynamics of educating students in a complex and diverse society.

Programs in the College of Education have clinical experiences as a central core of educator preparation. Through the cooperation of area schools, College of Education candidates spend a significant portion of their preparation in actual classrooms studying the role of teaching in the educational growth of students. The integration of theory to practice applies to all the educator preparation programs offered by the College that range from preparing teachers for the kindergarten and primary to the high school levels. The College also offers the post-baccalaureate program for those who seek an initial teaching license and who have completed at least the undergraduate degree. The Masterā€™s Degree program offered by the College provides the opportunity for a more in-depth study and analysis of the different aspects of teaching, learning, and leadership.

For those interested in pursuing a rewarding career in teaching, the College of Education offers a comprehensive array of professional options, including degree programs leading to licensure in early childhood, mild and moderate intervention specialist, physical education, music education, and physical science, to name some of the programs offered.



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