Dear Class of 1957,

As we prepare to celebrate our sixtieth reunion, we must continue to assist Central State University and give back to our alma mater. Through our generosity, students will continue to thrive and go on to achieve tremendous feats, both professionally and personally. 

Just as we needed Central State University in order to be successful, it needs us now. There are currently thirteen classes celebrating their anniversaries. As part of the celebration, each class will be presenting a donation to the University during our Homecoming celebration. The goal for the 1957 class is to raise $5,000.00 for our alma mater. Any amount you are able to donate is appreciated. To give your gift online, simply join the Class of 1957 Team on

We encourage you to reach out to class members with whom you have contact and encourage them to participate in this online giving campaign. You can share our online giving page and spread the news about the 1957 class initiative via social media, e-mail and text. 

As a participant, you will have access to tools to help you share your experience with Central State and invite people to support you through online donations. CSU's online fundraising is cost effective, safe, and easy!

Be A Believer – Support Central State Today!



Team Members