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Be a Believer Campaign


Welcome to Central State's fundraising website - www.CSUBelievers.com!

Central State University's online fundraising platform supports philanthropic gifts from CSU “Believers” across the globe!

The theme, “Be A Believer” are words of encouragement to urge you to believe in the past, present and future endeavors of Central State University.  The University’s focus on academics, leadership and service continues.  We will ensure the uplift of this historical 1890 Land Grant institution by sustaining our historic reputation as an institution that promotes excellence and provides quality academic experiences for all students.

With your contributions to Central State University, we will build new opportunities for those we serve! Become a “Believer." To support our mission and donate, click on CONTRIBUTE. Follow the site prompts to submit your donation or call 937-376-6347 for more information.




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