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Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

The well-being of our students continue to be our highest priority at Central State. It is our mission to help our students realize their goals and aspirations.

Student Affairs and Enrollment Management seeks your help to assist us as we continue to improve our resources. Our services include:

The Office of Admissions welcomes applicants of any race, creed, sex, age, disability or national origin who wish to further their education. Admissions is responsible for the recruitment of potential students, organizing campus visits, assisting students in the application process and enhancing the overall collegiate experience.

Career Services
Career Services is to assist current CSU students to identify and fulfill their career goals. We serve students from the point of their admission throughout their matriculation at the institution. It is our intent to help them understand who they are as developing professionals and how they connect their academic and real-world knowledge and skills to their careers.

Counseling Services
Counseling Services is available on campus for all students. CSU counselors are experienced and are prepared to provide guidance in a wide array of areas which include: adjustment to college life, family concerns, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, general anxiety concerns, difficulty concentrating, relationship concerns, stress, depression, and academic and financial concerns.

Disability Services
Central State University is committed to including students with disabilities as full participants in its programs, services, and activities through compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. A student with a disability cannot be denied admission exclusively because of a disability. The mission of Disability Services is to ensure that qualified students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities at Central State University so they can participate in all aspects of university life.

Financial Aid
The purpose of financial aid is to assist students and their parents in funding a college education. Primarily, it is the responsibility of students and their families to make financial preparations to pay the educational cost of attending college. However, there are programs available to assist you in this endeavor.

Greek Affairs
The Office of Student Life and Development is the home for all Honorary and Social Greek Letter Organizations. CSU has an active NPHC that houses our Divine Nine organizations and an Independent Greek Council that is comprised of Honorary Greek Letter Organizations. We are constantly seeking new organizations to join our home to fit the needs and interests of our students.

Interfaith Campus Ministry
InterFaith Campus Ministry is designed to support a variety of teaching, worshiping, and service ministries for students, faculty, and staff at Central State University. Promoting acceptance of diverse faiths, traditions and cultures, Interfaith provides a faith-based atmosphere where people can explore and grow in their beliefs while developing an appreciation for the beliefs of others.

Residence Life
Residence life at Central State University serves to prepare students with diverse backgrounds and experiences for leadership, research, and service by providing a nurturing environment that fosters academic excellence.

Our on campus housing consists of eight residence halls which house over 1,200 students. Living in one of the residence halls at Central State University is an important component of a student's total learning experience. It provides a unique opportunity for students to participate in campus life to the fullest extent possible because of its proximity to cultural, intellectual, and social events. The idea of residence hall living is to create and maintain an environment that is conducive to the total development of each member of the community.

Student Organizations
Central State University offers a complete educational, cultural, and social experience. Whatever your interests, you’ll find a group, an organization, an activity or a program that will appeal to you at CSU. We have many extra-curricular activities and leadership opportunities that provide students with out-of-class learning opportunities to enhance their college experience. Many activities range from those of an academic nature to athletics.

These student organizations are classified under six categories: Academic, Business, Special Interest, Religions, Honorary and Greek letter organizations. The Office of the Student Life & Development in conjunction with the Student Government Association's Inter-organization Committee monitors the recognized student organizations activities.

Student Health Services
Central State University’s vision is to provide health and wellness services that enhance the educational experience of our students in a supportive and professional environment. The Health & Wellness Center would like to be an integral part of your life while completing your studies here at Central State because your physical and mental health influences your academic performance.  The center understands there are multiple dimensions of wellness that must be addressed to help students succeed at CSU.  In addition to a health clinic, the Center houses Counseling Services, Disability Services, a Relaxation Room, and a Study Resource Room. Our staff is ready to serve you, adhering to our core values of integrity; compassion; accountability; and mutual respect.

Student Life & Development
The role of SLD is to support all registered and recognized student organizations, provide leadership development training and opportunities, assist student organizations with event planning and development, approve student events and programs, interpret and administer the CSU Student Organization Leadership Handbook, promote opportunities for campus and community involvement, and serve as consultants for new and innovative programs that respond to the student needs and interest.

SLD is also the home for the Campus Activities Board (CAB), the Student Ambassadors (SAs), the Student Government Association (SGA), Greek Life (NPHC and IGC), the Royal Court, some Homecoming Activities, Welcome Week and Spring Fest.

University College
University College Learning Center (UCLC) is a student-centered unit charged with providing the structure and support needed to enable all first-time freshmen and transfer students with fewer than 30 semester hours to successfully transition first into Central State, and then into the college of their declared major.

UCLC offers learning and living experiences for all first-time students regardless of their academic preparation when entering Central State. The unit is designed to assist students in developing positive relationships with faculty, staff, and other students and to provide programs that help students to learn the skills, habits, and dispositions they need to achieve academic success.

University College houses the Office of First Year Experience and Academic Success, which employs a comprehensive and integrative academic advising approach to ensure student success; the Learning Skills Center, which provides tutoring services for all students with primary responsibility to new incoming freshmen and transfers; and TRiO, Student Support Services (SSS), which provides a variety of academic, tutorial, and social development services to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.



With your help, Student Affairs & Enrollment Management plans to offer more student programming, additional staff development and increase scholarship opportunities.

With increased resources for student programming, we can boost student participation through leadership forums, professional development seminars and concerts.

We will use additional funding to assist in the professional development of our support staff which will enhance our services delivered to our students.

As we continue to fundraise, we plan to put the necessary monetary resources in place to create additional need-based and merit based scholarships for the entire student population.




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